Oh Will and Nicole. I’ll try and make this short, but there is so much I could say about your day. How bout summing it up with some “moments” from yesturday. Chicken Cutlets, Yeah Beer Time, and breaking out into song at least 3 times! AMAZING! Everything about this day was amazing. I couldn’t have […]

Thank you so much for sharing your day  Nathan and Noella. It was such a great day from start to finish. We showed up at Noellas house to find her stomach in knots and butterflies. So adorable! Shawn then went over to check out what the guys were doing, needless to say, they needed a […]

I tried something different for this blog post. I hope you enjoy it. Now…it is absolutely hilarious. I was confident I could get this done, set up the camera, tape it and be good to go. Nope! Talking to yourself into a camera is apparently very challanging. Get ready for a lot of the word […]

As most of you know, a few months ago I got married. Being a photographer myself, picking one for my big day was the absolute hardest decision I have ever made. Luckily, I came across Radelle and Kari with Eternal Reflections (http://www.eternalreflectionsphoto.com/). I could not have asked for better photographers to capture my moments. Not […]

Recognize this pretty face? Jessica nd I got together a LONG time ago to trash a wedding dress I had. To this day those are still some of my favourite photos. The other day I put up that I was looking for a girl with long blonde hair. All I knew I wanted to do, was […]