Banff Wedding Photos…need I say more. This wedding was so stunning. From the gorgeous bling everywhere throughout the wedding that Shannon did all herself, to the breathtaking background for their photos. It was all just so perfect. Shannon heard about me from some mutual friends (hilarious story that is definitely not meant for this blog.) […]

These Jasper Engagement Photos are absolutely hands down some of my favorite. We had such a great time chasing the light…literally. I am lucky enough that a lot of my clients book me without meeting. I guess that means I am doing something right. Anna and Slavko were some of those people. So the first […]

You do not want to miss these Romantic Engagement Photos I often talk about my relationship with ¬†my clients more than theirs. This is totally selfish of me, but let me explain. I adore my clients. I don’t know what I’ve done in the last 7 years that have brought such wonderful people into my […]

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Edmonton Wedding Photographers | Edmonton Photographers | Edmonton Family Photographer | NC Photography specializes in ¬†Edmonton Weddings, Edmonton Engagements, Edmonton Family Photography NC Photography provides services to Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Alberta, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Banff, and Canmore Weddings Now booking 2016 & 2017 To book your […]

Mommy and Me Photos are definitely near and dear to my heart. I absolutely adore capturing this very special and undeniable bond. Check out this adorable sessions…and how she completely stole the show!   Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Edmonton Wedding Photographers | Edmonton Photographers | Edmonton Family Photographer | NC […]

Just say YES to Sunset Engagement Photos! When Celia got engaged I literally sat by my phone waiting for her to contact me. Thankfully it didn’t take long (haha). I actually think Steph contacted me first. But seriously. I love this girl. She has been in front of my lens a few times now. Once […]

These sibling photos absolutely melted my heart. They are grown adults that gave their Mom the most fabulous Mothers Day gift ever. When Kristina contacted me about shooting this session for her, I was definitely surprised. I have never shot anything like this before but she wanted my style of photography and editing. And hey, […]

Blossom Engagement Photos are something I look forward to every year, although they are also probably the most stressful things ever. They come and go so incredibly fast so it is impossible to schedule and plan anything. Luckily the stars aligned for this session and we made some magic together. I am pretty blessed that […]

Check out these stunning Edmonton Maternity Photos! This night was absolutely magical, as you can tell by the location and the yummy light. Which brings me to an interesting point. This whole session was shot between a gravel road which had a dumpster, a fence and a domestic dispute (my couple will find that hilarious). […]

NC Photography is an Edmonton Family Photographer that focuses on capturing you and your family in this moment in time. Originally from Medicine Hat so I make a point to spend a week or so there every year. I absolutely love family photography. I specialize in Wedding Photography because it is a strong focus on […]