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I’ll be the first to say that the Family photo portion of your wedding day will most likely be the most stressful. Weird right!?

The reason for this is because it is basically like gathering a bunch of excited three year olds. This is a happy day for everyone and everyone wants to celebrate. Mom is over chatting with her friends while your Dad is off giving his Mom big hugs. While all of your high school friends are congratulating you and checking out your new bling. It’s a lot. It’s busy.

But I will say that Family photos on your wedding day are so incredibly important. It isn’t too often that we see Uncle John and Gramma Smith in the same room together. And everyone is looking so fabulous, we mine as well make it a memory.

Here are some tips for this portion of your day!

Family Photos will take place right after the Ceremony on site (or very close by). If you are having a receiving line, this will take place after that.

An organized list is a MUST to make this run as smooth as possible.  When deciding on your list, please remember how important this is. If there are important people in your life, include them. They can be in a bigger group or individuals. Either way, include them.

When making your list, please be exact.


Bride, Groom with Brides Aunt Suzie, Uncle John and kids

Remember, I don’t know these people or the relations, but it will be less embarrassing if I know the relations.

Please let family members know ahead of time that family photos will be taking place during this time. A good time to do this is at the rehearsal dinner the night before.

I always say to allow at least 30 minutes for family photos. This can obviously take longer depending on the size of family.

Here is an example of the photos that are a must for your list. Make sure to add to this to include everyone important to you.

Make sure to start with any grandparents that may be present. They cannot stand long and need to be on their way.

Bride Groom with all the little ones (flower girls or ring bearer)

Bride, Groom, Brides Mom, Brides Dad (same remove groom)

Bride, Groom, Brides Mom, Brides Dad, Brides siblings (remove groom)

Bride Groom Grooms Mom, Grooms Dad (same remove bride)

Bride Groom Grooms Mom, Grooms Dad, Grooms siblings (remove bride)

Bride, Mom

Bride, Dad

Bride siblings

Groom Mom

Groom Dad

Groom Siblings

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