Modde Twins {18 Weeks}

Girls!! Help a mama out here. The first trimester was pretty awful, im not going to lie. I couldn’t eat meat for the life of me. Anything with a strong smell was a no go. Pasta, cereal and basically any kind of carb was all that was going in my mouth. I was very much looking forward to the second trimester. Ya know where things are supposed to ease off and start looking up. Apparently not a chance. Still can’t eat meat. And now I can’t even eat anything spicy or acidic or I get massive heart burn (first time in my life). All food aversions aside I am in rough shape and we’re not even at the 5 month mark. I’m still so tired all the time. Can hardly make it a day without a nap, which is hard since your big brother doesn’t nap. Not to mention I’m having a lot of ligament pains and pressure in the nether regions. I definitely feel about 8 months pregnant not 5. I try not to complain. I am blessed. I am happy beyond belief. I don’t want to be that girl. But this one is a hard one girls.
I’ve been doing some (aka a ton) or reading about twins and twin pregnancies and such and I guess everything I’m feeling is normal. It’s supposed to be hard. I’m supposed to be big. I’m supposed to be tired and sore. But reading that doesn’t make it any easier.
On a plus note I felt your little kicks this week. I’ve been feeling flutters for a long time now but nothing certain. The last couple days I’ve felt it with my hand. A few little boots to the belly and then nothing. And the same the next day. I even kept waking your dad up to try and get him to feel but you just didn’t want to give him a little tap. The one day was pretty cool. I felt it on my far left side and then i felt it low on the right because…
Still clearly so crazy to me. But I’m happy to have felt you. Your mama needs as much reassurance as she can get over here so feel free to get kicking away.
Until next time loves

Oh and this weeks little photoshoot was hilarious. I am not feeling so cute these days but your Dad and Brother sure do a good job and making me smile. Mason was running around your Dad with a Christmas teddy bear signing Christmas songs while your Dad took my pictures. He’s a ham I tell ya!


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