Modde Twins {19 Weeks}

Hey girls! This week was fun for me. Well, not the whole week but I got to see you again. Unfortunately your Dad had to work so it was just me and your big brother there. Man is it seriously so cool every time. I mean I know I am having twins. I know there are two of you in there but seriously until I see it I am in disbelief. I mean, who even had two babies at one time anyway?!!

Anyway, I have really started to feel you this week (just on the inside, not so much on the outside) so at the ultra sound it was pretty cool to see where you both are because it makes so much sense for what I am feeling. You each have a side, which is exactly what I was feeling. Turns out you are laying straight across my tummy but with your heads down right in my crotch. Yup, this has been awesome for me (NOT)! Baby A is on the right. You are a lot more gentle than your sister. You sleep a lot, don’t move a ton and your heart beat is even slower. You were cooperative during the ultra sound and everything looked great. You have us an awesome shot of your little face too.  Baby B is on the right. I am just going to go ahead and call baby B Busy Baby. Holy Moly!! I literally wanted you do flips in there while the tech was trying to get measurements. Which is true to what I have been feeling. So much movement on the left side for a while now. And your heart beat is a bit faster. You were not cooperative with the tech at all. She did her best to get all her  measurements but you just would not sit still. I couldn’t stop laughing and I think you jumped with every giggle. Needless to say, I wonder if this has anything to do with your personalities.

I kind of hope that one of you is this girly girl that I’ve always dreamed of and the other is a little tom boy so your brother has the best of both worlds. I am so excited to meet you, you have no idea.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet week. I got sick a couple times, which sucked but seems to be passing. I am dealing with some immense pressure too so that is not so fun. We have a Dr. appointment next week so we will see what he says about that.

Until next time

Love you lots




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