Modde Twins {24 Weeks}

24 weeks!!!
Do you know what that means??
In the books of baby making it means you are now viable babies. If you were to decide to come super early the Drs would do everything they could to save you and help you grow.
Now with that being said, don’t you even think about it. You have a lot more weeks of baking in there so keep on keepin on.
This week was busy for us. Lots of Dr appointments and tests. I didn’t fail or pass our first attempt at the gd test (gestational diabetes) so to be sure they sent me for a fun 3 hour one. So not fun at all and man was I stressed about it. Sorry to say but this pregnancy has been more of a challenge then I could’ve expected so gd is the last thing I wanted.
Thankfully we passed.
We did have our 3 week appointment with our Dr and ultra sound. Man are ultra sounds hard and long with twins. Baby A just would not cooperate at all. Literally flipped to my back and wouldn’t show her face at all. And then baby B was busy as usual kicking all over the place. But they managed to get all the info they needed and everything looks great. You are both already almost 2 pounds each! 2 whole pounds. Holy moly that sounds giant already. I guess it’s on the average scale but thinking that’s double what a single pregnancy is explains why my tummy feels so heavy haha. But as much as I don’t want to be huge I am so happy to hear you ladies are growing and are already a great size. Keep it up girls.
We saw the Dr too and he measured my tummy. Yikes!!! I’m measuring 32 weeks!!! 32!!! I’m only 24. That is insane. I haven’t gained a ton of weight so I just have a giant belly. But man it is definitely taking its tole. I’m pretty sore all the time. And definitely feel way more pregnant than 6 months. I’m not complaining. Nope nope nope. Just giving you the fun daily details haha.
One new fun exciting thing…NOT…are these Braxton hicks that seem to kick my ass everyday now. The Dr said it’s nothing to worry about unless it becomes consistent but that I might need to take it easy to calm them down. They sure do take my breath away though.Even your Dad watched it happen to my tummy and was shocked. All he could say was Woah, that is crazy! It really is so crazy to me how different this pregnancy has been than Masons. I didn’t have any of this stuff and although I am so blessed to have you, you’re kicking my butt in every text book pregnant way.
Your Dad did some more work on your room. It’s finally coming together and should be able to get those cribs up next week maybe. That will be crazy to me. 2 cribs. 2. I don’t know if well ever understand that there are 2 of you haha.
Anyway. This mama is tired and is going to get some sleep.
My little skittles

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