Modde Twins {25 Weeks}


Ladies, your Mama is so tired. They say you only get a 1st and 3rd trimester when you are expecting twins. I totally get that now. There is no glowing 2nd trimester at all. It’s 1st where you are tired and nauseous all the time and then 3rd where you are right back to being so tired. Although this insomnia at night sure is not helping. Your Dad isn’t working right now and although he really needs to find something soon, it sure is nice having him home. He is so great at letting me sleep in and getting up with your big brother.

This week was pretty uneventful. Just working more on your room and trying to get ready. I really am feeling like we are running out of time. I felt so ready when we were expecting him but something about you ladies being twins is throwing me for a loop. I feel like you could just come any day now. I also seriously never thought I would see 25 weeks again. How big I am and how pregnant I feel felt so far away. Like something we just wouldn’t experience again. I remember it all so clear with you brother but after all the struggles I never actually pictures myself pregnant again at all.

I am doing my best at not complaining (ask your Dad though, he might tell you otherwise). But this week was pretty weird for me. I have had crazy pelvic pain almost this whole pregnancy. I can hardly walk some days. But the other day I woke up and it was completely gone. For 3 whole days. I felt like a million dollars. I could walk and dance and get out of bed with ease. Life was good, I felt amazing. I don’t know what changed but it came back with a vengeance. I couldn’t even get out of bed and for some reason ended up having a full blown panic attack one night because I could not catch my breath. I “think” it was because one of you is so low and the other is right in my ribs so I was getting the best of both worlds. I just bawled my eyes out. Your Dad was so great with me and calming me down. It was a terrible terrible terrible feeling and I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

Other than that no new news over here. Next week is halloween and I can tell you I’m pretty excited to eat all the candy (you love sweet things).

Love you ladies




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