Modde Twins {26 Weeks}

26 weeks hey. Holy Moly ladies that is just crazy to me. I swear I just peed on a stick and it said 2-3 weeks.

This week was full of work. I had a million Christmas sessions to shoot and while it was good at keeping me busy it sure did kick my butt a bit. You ladies are so heavy. I cannot express enough how different this twin pregnancy feels compared to a single one. I dont know if its because I have had pregnancy and losses in between but I feel like I have zero strength to carry you guys. Its hard feeling that way. I consider myself pretty independent and strong but I sure do not feel that way lately. There have been lots of tears over here. Im so sorry, I dont mean to. Blame the hormones but it just all feels so hard these days. I am exhausted beyond words. Sleep is just something that does not happen. My hips hurt so much no matter what side I lie on and if I even try to get some comfort for a few minutes and lay on my back I completely stop breathing. It’s intense. And let’s talk about these braxton hicks. Okay, Ill be honest, I thought this was just something people “said” they got haah. I didnt believe it was a real thing. Holy crap is it ever. Something about our couch brings them on like crazy. I hardly ever get them anywhere else but get them a ton as soon as I sit on the couch. I sent your Nama pictures of my regular belly and a braxton belly and it is crazy how hard and lopsided it gets.¬† Its super painful and definitely brings back the memories of giving birth to a human. Which I actually didnt find that bad so please dont prove me wrong and make this a hard one. We had a rough go with my after Mason came out and I would really really really like to have a “normal” delivery so I can really enjoy having the two of you.

I am looking forward to double the newborn snuggles so much. I have imagined holding you for that first time so many times in my head. I honestly dont actually know how that works. Like how I hold two babies at once and not drop one. I know I will figure it out, and hey if I do drop one, please forgive me. I will be a new Mama again, to twins. I picture the hospital so much. I really shouldnt do this because nothing ever goes as planned but I just cannot wait to meet you both.

Okay, its super late. I should really get to bed and toss and turn for the next 8 hours until your brother gets ups.

I love you tons




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