Modde Twins {27 Weeks}

Alrighty ladies, we have made it to 27 weeks. Woot woot! That seriously feels so far for me. I was just telling your Dad that I never thought I would actually feel pregnancy at this stage again. And man does it feel different. I should seriously count the times I have said, ” I just didn’t feel like this at all with Mason!”
I know, I know. I shouldn’t compare. I think that is actually one thing I am going to struggle a lot with when I have 3 kids and  a set of twins. But honestly, my pregnancy with Mason was a breeze. And this one, well well. Breeze isn’t exactly the word I would choose for it. I am 100% sure I have had every pregnancy symptom there is. Which does suck. Sorry, but it does. But at the same time I am pretty ok with it. This is my last pregnancy so I mine as well feel it to it’s fullest right?!
So we had our regular Dr appointment this week. It was a good one although man you ladies are hard during ultra sounds. One of you is always facing the other way or folded in half. It is usually baby b (busy baby b) but I feel bad for the tech trying to do her job.
It looks like one of you has hair already. Phew, let’s hope that is true. Your Mama and brother have pretty fabulous hair so it would be great if that was a trait you got too. And ideally both of you because we don’t need any hair envy going on with you two haha. And, you are both little tanks already. One is 2.6 pounds and the other is 3. That is more than average for a twin pregnancy. In fact my belly is now measuring 38 weeks when I am clearly only 27. Crazy!!!! I do not want you to be huge but one of my biggest worries with a twin pregnancy with having teeny tiny babies and spending a lot of time in the hospital. So keep on growing ladies. Seeing you be healthy is all I could ask for. Oh and the Dr said I gained a bit of weight this week, I blamed it on your brothers Halloween Candy.
Your Papa was here for a visit too. He hasn’t seen me in quite some time so he was sure surprised to see the size of my tummy. I am not small to say the least. My tummy sticks right out front of my body. It is a bit crazy. The other day I took a picture of my bare belly and it was the first time I looked at myself as beautiful while pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong, I get it this whole process is beautiful but I am not one of those tiny cute pregnant ladies you see in magazines. I swell like crazy if I even look at salt. I get cankles on top of cankles. My skin has been terrible for this pregnancy (very odd for me) and I gain a lot of weight on my bottom half. But when I took this picture I saw a few different things. I saw beauty and strength. I saw a miracle (or two) and I saw life. I saw my body creating something absolutely precious to me and something I will never have again in my life. I picked up my phone right away and took a picture. I am a pretty conservative person when it comes to my body but I shared this picture with pretty much everyone, that’s how much I loved it. Thank you for giving me that moment in time where all just felt as it was supposed to.
Other than that not a whole lot has been going on. I have been getting braxton hicks like crazy. I even timed them one night because they had me worried. I also feel like my skin is going to rip right open on my stomach. I’m not remotely comfortable ever but it’s okay. When I look at the calendar I start to freak out a bit. So soon!! 10 weeks babies. 10!!
See you soon (not too soon k!)
Love you skittles


Oh and I really love these pictures for this week of me and your brother. I do however wish your Dad was a girl sometimes because they are the least flattering photos ever.

Oh and it is also the very first peek into your room. I hope you will love it as much as I do when it’s done. Now if you could just give your old man a little nudge to get his butt moving and finish the darn paint, that would help a lot.



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