Modde Twins {30 Weeks}

Hey ladies!! 30 weeks and feeling it! This week was a busy one and a tired one, hence only 3 tired tired photos. I am one exhausted mama. Sleep is pretty much not optional at this point. It is hard and taxing but they say it prepares us for a newborn right. But you ladies are going to be sleepers right??/!! RIGHT!!??

So we saw the Dr this week. I am less nervous for these appointments finally but I also have this feeling in the back of my mind that this has all been too good to be true. All of the appointments have been so great, no bad news, only good. I feel like a part of me doesn’t deserve this or like I am waiting bad news. Call me pessimistic I guess but there has just been so much leading up to this.

Anyway…apparently you are both almost 4 pounds each already! That is absolutely insane to me. Your brother was 8 pounds when he was born at almost 40 weeks. I am also measuring 41 weeks. Yup, measuring over due for a single pregnancy. Makes sense for a twin pregnancy but holy, let’s just think about that for a second. I was never that with Mason. Most people don’t even go up to 41 weeks. That means I still have over a month to carry you and if you do the math I should be measuring 50 weeks when you are born. OMG is right!! You know your Mama is only 5’3″ on a good day right?! I do not know where you are going to go. My skin feels like it cannot possibly stretch any further than it has. It is rock hard and so tight. You should see the looks I get when we go out, which honestly isn’t all that much anymore. People ask me all the time if I’m ready to pop. And while, yes I sure am, you ladies need to bake a bit longer. I am in pretty rough shape but this too shall pass. I need you to keep growing and get as strong and healthy as you can be. I honestly cannot imagine how amazing it will feel once you are out in the world. Not only to meet you of course, but to have my body back a tiny bit. Obviously it has taken an ass kicking and recovery will be what it will be but I am really looking forward to a few things. Im currently making a list haha.

Your Dad and your brother got to come to our appointment with us. Mason was seriously so cute. My pregnancy app says you are both about the size of a cantaloupe so all Mason could think of was how good cantaloupes are. He kept saying over and over how much he wanted us to stop on the way home and pick up a cantaloupe to eat. It was hilarious. Mason also got a bit treat. He got to go spend a few days with Nama back in Medicine Hat. As I mentioned, I have been having a rough go lately and just needed a bit of space and to catch my breath (literally, breathing is no longer a necessity but a luxury). So your Dad went and met them and dropped him off. Should be a pretty quiet week but I am so happy that he has his Nama and Papa to spend it with.

Oh I also did something this week that was super special to me. I photographed one of my dear friends give birth to her baby boy. It was pretty magical and special to me. Probably even more so since my turn is next. It was amazing seeing a life come into this world. It was a long beautiful day. I cannot wait until that is you and I!

One last thing…these damn names. We CANNOT for the life of us agree on names for you two. Okay, just one of you. One we have had in our minds for about 5 years and that one is not optional but it is determining the other name and making it very difficult. The one we have chosen for sure starts with an M and so does Mason so we just feel like you all have to be M names. Well who would have thought that would be so hard. Your Dad is stubborn as heck and super set on a name I am not madly in love with. We may be going to to hospital and not have both names picked out at this point. Wish us luck on making that decision.

Okay sorry that was a long one. Busy week. Next week should be a lot less busy.

Love you ladies

soon babies, soon!




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