What to say about Dick and Kris. These two are adorable. Dick loves to smile (hence the title of this post) and his smile seriously lights up a room. It’s no wonder Kris fell for this handsome guy. And Kris, well she is quiet, shy and reserved. But again, when this girl smiles she comes […]

Desiree and Daniel, one couple that I will never forget meeting. I remember when Desiree emailed me about her big day. I was already at my cut off for the year and had closed all dates left for bookings. Something about Desiree intrigued me. So we met up. As soon as I saw Desiree all […]

Meet Lindsay and Jared. This couple is absolutely adorable. The way he lights her up just when he talks and holy man is that smile of hers is something to gush over. We met up one night in St.Albert at a random location that I scouted out. I drove by here one day and knew […]

WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG-SITE! How did this all come about? Well, let me tell you! Back in March of this year, I headed to Louisiana for a photography workshop. I had never taken a workshop before, in fact I had never even taken a photography course before. But when I saw this workshop float […]