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How did this all come about? Well, let me tell you!

Back in March of this year, I headed to Louisiana for a photography workshop. I had never taken a workshop before, in fact I had never even taken a photography course before. But when I saw this workshop float about my Facebook page something about it called to me. Maybe it was the style of that photographer, maybe it was the fun adventure that I could see happening from the trip, I have no idea. But when a friend of mine asked if I would go with her, I didn’t hesitate to go. Did I have expectations out of the workshop? I actually don’t know what I expected. I guess, I just wanted to leave with something I didn’t have before I went.

That was exactly what happened.

It wasn’t a huge amount of knowledge that I didn’t already have, it was more of a feeling that I had been missing for a while.


Just over 3 years ago I started my photography journey. I started with all kinds of photography. I did it all. Once I got shooting couples and weddings I knew that was my passion. It came easy and I gushed when I pushed that button. I knew I had to specialize. But something still wasn’t there. I wasn’t shooting exactly what I wanted. I was letting things just take its course vs. taking charge and indulging in what I loved…which was LOVE.

I was shooting it but I wasn’t feeling it.

That changed after Louisiana.

I have always had a thing for details,props, and personal items. I have always loved girly things. Personally, I am not all that girly, but when it comes to what lands in front of my lens, I love all things girly.

I love pink.      I love lace.      I love VINTAGE.     I love all of it.

Which introduces my new style and new brand. I am taking my business in a new direction. This started just 3 months ago and I can tell you I feel enlightened. I feel rejuevenated. I feel in LOVE.

I am utterly and completely satisfied and happy. I finally feel like I own my business. I know what I want and I know where I am going.

People ask photographers all of the time. When did you feel you were good enough?

I feel that now.

Just 3 years later I finally feel like I am NC Photography. So remember back on my Facebook page when I was asking whether I should change my business name to Nicole Cameron Photography or keep it NC Photography? Well, I kept it. It is my brand, it is who I am. I worked very hard in these last years to build and grow and reach the level I am at.

I am proud to be NC Photography.

And besides, I’m Nicole Modde now!

I could keep going on forever and a day with the new feelings and emotions that rush through me. So instead I will leave you with my inspiration session I set up.

Bina and Anisa were one of my very first weddings. They took a chance on me with their big day and it was absolutely one of my favourite weddings to date. I adore this couple. I called them up one day and asked if they would be a very important part of my business. And they offered to show their love for me one more time. This session turned out better than I could have imagined. Anisa is stunning and Bina is extremely handsome.

The light was perfect and after a lot of hard work and planning, everything fell into place.

 It was perfect!

Thank you for checking out my new site.

For those of you that have followed me since the beginning, THANK YOU. Without you I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep going.

For those of you that are new followers, Thank you for your interest. I hope you stick around.

Much Love


P.S. Check out the about my page for an awesome promo video of this session. A big THANK YOU to Romy (Romy Young Photography) for working his butt off, putting up with me, and making my vision come to light!

Hair/MUA Lydia Yapp

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