FULL TERM BABY!!! We are in the clear. Of course you still have some time to keep growing in there but if you decided you wanted to come out, you sure can! And, I think we would all be okay if you made an early appearance! This week was insane crazy but in the best […]

Week 36 hey. I don’t even think I ever imagined being at this point. To look back on 36 weeks of having you grow and move inside of me is absolutely crazy. This pregnancy has gone by so fast and with ease. We have had a few bumps along the way, but that is all […]

Time is flying by so fast. It is even getting hard to keep up with these weekly posts. But I know how special and important they are. I cannot wait until you are older when we can go through the book of all of this and look back. By then you will be playing sports […]

We actually had an uneventful week around here for once. Well your Dad and I shot our last wedding before you arrive. It was located “in the middle of nowhere” so we were a little worried you were going to be delivered on the side of the road. But we made it. I was one […]

Chantille and Tyler got married on the beaches of Mexico. I will leave the full story to their wedding day blog but this one is their day after session. We wanted some sunset photos but really did not want to get up early for this session. And I was really in love with the light […]