My Baby Bump ~ 34 Weeks ~

We actually had an uneventful week around here for once. Well your Dad and I shot our last wedding before you arrive. It was located “in the middle of nowhere” so we were a little worried you were going to be delivered on the side of the road. But we made it. I was one sore Mom the next day. My feet have become little…or massive sausages by the end of the day. And with it being May, Spring has finally decided to show it’s face with some warm weather but that does not bode well for my sausages. I am happy to see the sun though. Your Mom and Dad are weather warriors, as I like to call it. The weather decides our moods. So as long as the sun is shining we are happy.

Oh wait, we did have one change this week. This magical thing called


What the heck little man?! You have had the hiccups like crazy. I think you had them once before but you must have been too little to tell. Now you get them all of the time, and for long periods of time. You even get them when I am sleeping….can’t say that makes me all that happy. You spent a whole hour the other night hiccuping away. Okay, I can’t be that mad at you but I wish I knew how to help make them go away. I am sure you are just as confused by them as I am.

I am actually feeling pretty good lately. A lot of stress was removed by being home from work. I am in way less pain and more relaxed. The sleeping thing is still an issue as my hips are really sore but other than that I feel pretty good. We can’t believe it’s May. That means you are here…like this month or next. We all have predictions that you will be early.

I thought it would be fun to let you know some things that have changed with being pregnant with you.

I LOVE chocolate. YUP, hated it before and would never eat it. Your Dad is pretty happy that I like it now because he gets all the chocolate he wants.

Not as in love with chips. I am a salt girl. I still like my salt but haven’t been craving chips like I normally do. We hardly ate any this whole time.

My hair is amazing. I’ve always been blessed with pretty great hair (so is your Dad so you should be in luck) but it has been full and shiny and beautiful this whole time.

I sleep a lot (or try to). I used to be an insomniac before you. Bed was a bad word in my books (your Mom is a workaholic)

Your Dad would probably say my moods have changed. Although he does say I have been “pretty good” this whole time.

Other than that, not a whole lot has changed.

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