YAWN!! Ladies, your Mama is so tired. They say you only get a 1st and 3rd trimester when you are expecting twins. I totally get that now. There is no glowing 2nd trimester at all. It’s 1st where you are tired and nauseous all the time and then 3rd where you are right back to […]

Girls!!! 24 weeks!!! Do you know what that means?? In the books of baby making it means you are now viable babies. If you were to decide to come super early the Drs would do everything they could to save you and help you grow. Yay!! Now with that being said, don’t you even think […]

Well ladies, this week was easy breezy for us. Not much work, not much going on just a regular week. Woo hoo. It feels like it’s been so eventful and busy since we found out about you, it’s been nice to have a bit of downtime. Unfortunately I have still been in quite a bit […]

Well girls, this week was a fun one for us. We got to see you AGAIN! I know it seems like a lot but the Dr. is just making sure we keep track of everything and everything is going great. But this week we had a 3D ultrasound booked. It was part of our gender […]