Merry Christmas ladies. This year was our very first Christmas morning at our house. We have always traveled back to my hometown and celebrated with my family. Christmas morning at my mom and dads and then a big family dinner there with all the cousins and aunts and uncles there too. It’s a tradition that […]

Let’s just say this week was a hard one. Unfortunately we have a family member that is very very ill, my Aunt. It kind of hit us like a ton of bricks. I am sure the hormones do not help at all but I am heart broken over the news. You see family is something […]

So why does 32 weeks sound so insane to me. It sound so official and as though if you made your mind up to come out, you would be ok. But remember, bake as long as you think you need to. Be healthy and safe but if you are done…so…am…I! Sorry to say but this […]

31 weeks and all my dates are so mixed up. But I am happy to say we have two cribs up with bedding on them and to me that’s all we need to get you home. Okay we finally also stocked up on diapers and some sleepers so you are good to come at any […]

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