Modde Twins {31 Weeks}

31 weeks and all my dates are so mixed up.

But I am happy to say we have two cribs up with bedding on them and to me that’s all we need to get you home. Okay we finally also stocked up on diapers and some sleepers so you are good to come at any time now!

So about that two crib thing. Holy moly does that make things seem a bit too real and crazy for me. Every time I walk by the room I stop and just look for a second. How are there two? How are there going to be two little baby butts in there? I just do not get it. You would think my gigantic tummy would be enough of a reminder but I still freak out from time to time (okay a lot more than I like to admit) about there being two.  Anyway, your room is all sorted out now. We have two big pieces we are waiting on for it to be somewhat finished but for now this is what it will be. Make sure you give me some time to finish it after you come okay. I have high hopes for this room of yours.

Your big brother came back from visiting his Nama and Papa this week. Holy man was the house quiet with him away. It was great and very needed. He stormed in the house like a little tornado as though he had never left. I am sure you can hear his crazy little self. We cannot wait for you to meet him.

We also sprinkled a little Christmas spirit around the house this week too. I LOVE Christmas but this year we are just putting up a tree. See your Mama is the size of a house and in pretty rough shape so the less that needs to be done right now the better. I am super looking forward to our very first Christmas in our home this year. Although it will be very hard as well. We always go back to my hometown and celebrate with my family. But this one is just us. As much as I want you to come out, if you could come out in 2018, like even January 2nd, that would be great. I really want to end this year, wipe it away and start fresh with the two of you, our complete family, next year.

Well that is about it. Nothing too crazy. Well chat next week

Love you ladies


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