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Victoria and I have been wanting to shoot together for a while, we just needed the right vision. In comes Caleb. Apparently Victoria had wanted to work with him for a while as well. Looking at these two, I thought they would look amazing together. Very exotic looking. Either way, I love it, so we made it happen.

I swear, we were not meant to shoot. The first time we tried planning it, it just didn’t work out. Then the day comes that we are planning it and it is a bit of a mess. Things fell a bit behind, we were running out of light and it was freezing outside. We made it work anyway. And, we happen to have some great sunset light come through for us so I was one happy photographer. Thank you to Victoria for sticking it out in the cold. She is one great model. Big thank you to Caleb, jack of all trades, for keeping Miss Victoria warm. Although, I don’t really think he has any complaints.

MUA Jenn Vautour

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