Baby you’re a firework {Edmonton Portrait Photographer}

Laramie has been wanting to shoot with me for some time now. Always volunteering for my shoots, commenting on posts and being a wonderful fan. We made plans to shoot, then it was typical Alberta weather and had to rescheduled. But -5 didnt seem so bad so we toughed it out. Although Laramie was in her little nickers, I say we because when I got home and looked and my freezing legs, I had sores, cuts and bruises all over. Who knew that the white stuff isn’t so soft all the time :/ It was well worth it though. Climbing through waste deep snow ( or ice for that matter) , and climbing trees, ah so much fun! Thanks for the day hun, it was great. Enjoy your photos! Oh and Makeup Props to Miss Andrea Cantrell! And, have to add that I DID NOT edit her eyes in a single picture, and they aren’t contacts. She is just blessed!

I cannot even get over this next photo, you are stunning and so naturally!

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