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We met Deanna and Chris back in August of 2011 when Deanna was a bridesmaid in a wedding we were shooting. We clicked instantly. Shawn and I sat at a table with them during dinner and talked about how they, like Shawn, were really big geeks. What can I say? It was love at first sight! When Deanna emailed me asking about her own wedding I was incredibly excited. I think having a member of a previously shot wedding hire you is the absolute most incredibly compliment you could give a photographer. So we started chatting about her day. She was doing a destination wedding, which I LOVE. But we only do a limited number of these each year. Deanna had a special place in my heart so of course we were going to make it work. And apparently I had a special place in hers to. She planned a ton of stuff around having us be there. I was beyond flattered.

Deanna and I chatted a ton as the year went on and time came closer to her big day. I couldn’t be more excited. Meeting new friends is always great but so is seeing a familiar face. Deanna and Chris greeted us when we arrived with open arms. They had mugs made for us and invited us to dinner. They treated us like family the minute we were reunited. Their family and friends were just as welcoming. Hanging out in the ocean together, laughing and having a good time. We felt like family.

The day of the wedding comes. I open the blinds. It is raining. I have pretty good luck when it comes to rain, except for wedding season 2012. Hmm…maybe 2013 is going to be similar. As we got ready it rained, then quit. Then rained again. But during the ceremony (ohhhhh what a ceremony it was. Inside joke for everyone that attended) the rain decided to taper off just long enough for us to get some amazing pictures. My luck continues (knock on wood).

We made our way around the resort. I challenged myself with this wedding to step outside the box. To see things in a new light and at a new angle. Having Chris and Deanna (and of course Sarah and Shaun) being who they were made our jobs really easy. We spent the afternoon laughing and just having a blast. One of the easiest weddings I have ever shot. And it has to be said, Sarah is THE best chick I have ever met. If you can spend 5 minutes with her without laughing, Kudos to you. She is hilarious, warm, and just an awesome girl to be around. And go figure…I am lucky enough to shoot her big day this coming winter in Edmonton.

Anyway, it’s reception time. Time to get out the tissues. This room was full of love. A lot of love. A lot of tears. And A TON OF LOVE. There is no love like that of a father and daughter. Deanna and her Dad are the epitome of this. He is her world, and her his. Seeing this love as true and deep as it was didn’t leave a dry eye in the house. I feel blessed at every wedding I shoot, but I felt like a family member and cherish being  part of this families moments.

Chris and Deanna, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for having us there. You made this entire trip just wonderful and we are so happy to have spent time with you again. We love and wish you nothing but happiness in your future. May the rough roads be behind you and only leave room for smooth sailing ahead of you.


Nicole and Shawn

Resort- barcelo riveria maya palace deluxe
Make-Up- Adrian Gurera

HOW DID YOU MEET? We met at the movie theater when we were 14 years old. I was supposed to date his friend and saw Chris then changed my mind:) We have been together ever since… 12 years later!HOW DID HE PROPOSE? He proposed at his parents house on my birthday, as i was coming up the stairs, he was waiting at the top:) I ruined a few attempts throughout the day..lolWHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF ALL OF IT? Finally being married!! I was most excited to walk down the aisle.WOULD YOU DO A DESTINATION WEDDING AGAIN? I would for sure do a destination wedding again. I loved being able to party all week with everyone:) I just wish some other family could have joined us.WHY DID YOU CHOOSE NC PHOTOGRAPHY? I hired you beacuse I met you at Krysta’s wedding and i just loved both your personalities very much. They were  like ours and having fun was the most important part to me and it was a huge pluse that both of you are amazing photographers!! We saw you as friends rather than photographers! My pics are amazing!! xoxo

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