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 Kyler and Ashley…oh how you have a special place in my heart. And now you have stolen Shawn’s as well. I think he had a guy crush on Kyler by the end of the trip (and he would kill me if he read this)!

I shot Kyler and Ashley’s wedding back in September of 2011 (09/10/11) and it was one of my most memorable weddings to date. They had a wedding party of 22. I also took a photo that gets referred to still to this date all of the time. Check it out here 

Anyway, when Ashley’s bridesmaid booked me for her own wedding in Mexico this year I was so excited.(And yes, it’s the wedding you all are dying to see but you have to wait). Then Ashley emailed me saying maybe we could do baby bump photos while we were there. Well, of course I got so excited. But, she wasn’t even pregnant yet. She was just saying…maybe. Well a couple months later…she sent the same email, this time pregnant. I was beyond excited. Timing all lined up great with Ashley being about 31 weeks pregnant.

It was so great to be part of this with them. Now Kyler on the other hand, I think he might just kill me one day. But looking through these photos, I think he is just one proud Daddy. He smiled and laughed a ton. He even ran back to the room to get Ashley’s hat so I could take one picture with it. What a guy. He is seriously the best. I’m a bit of a demanding photographer.

Hey Ashley…you are wearing black….go change.

Kyler, we really need Ashley’s hat

THANKS for putting up with me guys!!!

They are due in just a few short weeks here and I cannot wait to have their little man in the studio.

Thank you guys for including me in such great moments in your life.

Enjoy your Mexico Maternity Session!



I love this one. Just showered in light…and love!Oh those baby blues Kyler. You will have one little handsome man soon!Kyler may have said he didn’t want to be there having his picture taken, but he brought out the blue steel look a few times.Something different for me, but I like how it turned outI adore this picture of Ashley. She is glowing and gorgeous.

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