Calgary Wedding Photographer {Chris & Abbi Engagemed}

They sat together, cuddled in, laughed, and loved!

The minute our eyes met I knew we were a perfect match. Yup, it was love at first sight…between Chris, Abbi and I!

Abbi heard of me from a photog friend of mine Sarah (check her out Starseed Photography ) When we first got chatting about their big day I was so sooo thankful Sarah introduced us. I will leave all of those juicy details for the wedding day, but needless to say I was one happy photographer.

When I met up with Chris and Abbi one night in Calgary for their engagement photos it was like we knew each other forever. Within 5 minutes Chris was even saying it was easy to work with me. Phew, I was a bit worried there. I knew Abbi and I hit it off immediately  but the guys, well they are always a challenge. Chris, not so much!

I enjoyed spending time with them so incredibly much. Abbi asked for a sunkissed engagement session. Well no pressure at all. I mean, I can pretty much decide if the sun will shine bright that day and fall perfectly where we shoot. No biggie at all!

*wipes sweat from brow*

But I had luck on my side this night when another photog friend, who also happens to be named Sarah (check her out Modern Photography ) helped me out with a location. Since I travel around so much I often need help with fabulous spots. And since I am good friends with a bunch of friendly, non-competitive photographers, they tend to help me out a lot.

This location was perfect and so was the falling sun. Abbi got her 5 minutes of being wrapped in sunny warmth.

I cannot wait for this wedding in Banff this August. It is going to be absolutely stunning. I mean look at this girl, she is gorgeous!


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