Plamondon Wedding Photos | Edmonton Photographer | Scott and Amanda

Plamondon, Alberta. Okay so I google map this over a year ago when they booked us and see that it is only about 2 hours from Edmonton. Okay, not a big deal. Well then we moved to Calgary and it became over 6 hours away. Okay still not a huge deal. When we pulled up to Plamondon around 11pm the night before the wedding, I was scared. We pulled up to the only Motel, ya not hotel, there is and it is full of big trucks and big burly men. I told Amanda I felt like we just arrived to a horror movie. Yes, a little dramatic but it was hilarious. When the sun came up in the morning I realised it was all a dream and that Plamondon was actually beautiful. This small little town where everyone knew everyone. But it was still the wedding “in the middle of nowhere” for us this year.

Anyway…Scott and Amanda put every effort into making their wedding personal to them. Red and Blue being favourite colours, perfect locations, and a perfect gift from the groom. It was all so special and great to be a part of. Watching Amanda go from a girl to a bride was amazing. She looked absolutely stunning. Oh and their ceremony was phenomenal. Natural light pouring in from every direction and not another camera or cell phone to be had. It was a true traditional wedding where loved ones gathered to watch two people say their vows and be in the moment. It was beautiful. And that reception…well that was something. Deep fried steak and a beer keg instead of a cake. But the best part for me, and of course what brought tears to my eyes, was when Amanda’s Mom sang during the father daughter dance.

So many beautiful moments. So many personal things.

Thank you Amanda and Scott for having us be part of your day…9 months pregnant and all. Wishing you all the best in the future.

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