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If you scroll through this entire post, the title is completely fitting.

But let’s talk just about this shoot.

Danna put up a status, something about dancing and how it made her smile ( I can’t quite remember). All I know is that it sparked an idea in me.

I saw pink, I saw tulle, and I saw balloons. But we needed somewhere to do it, it wasn’t something you could do outside.

Now I am not a fan of shooting indoors. Being a natural light photographer…well enough said.

But I thought I would put myself to the test, let’s try out some studio lights and shoot indoors.

So we had a great friend who said we could use his studio (thank you Alex) and went from there.

I brought my lights, set them up, took some test shots, and took them down.

Yes, I gave up that quick. It just is not my thing, or I just don’t know how to get what I want out of them yet.

So I packed them up and shot away. Thank goodness the room was a big window so it all worked out.

Pink. Balloon. Tulle.

It all came together.

Then I realised that I was moving to Calgary so soon after this shoot and Danna and I may not work together again for a while. It was a bitter sweet day but we had so many laughs. It was such a great time.

Check out the end of this blog to see a ton of work Danna and I have done together. It is crazy to see all we have done. She has been with me since the beginning, every step of the way!

XOXO Danna!

HMUA- Lydia Yapp

Don’t mind me, I was very sick this day and had on very little make-up

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