Canmore Wedding Photos | Edmonton Photographer| Kyle and Roxanne

As the storm rolled in they held each other tight


This was a CRAZY CRAZY day!

It was absolutely pouring while the girls got ready for the big day. As everyone dressed Roxanne in her stunning gown she gazed out the window and watched the rain drops fall. The ceremony was due to be outside in Canmore so this was putting a bit of a damper on things (no pun intended).

But as my luck should have it this year, the rain tapered off and the sun came out just in time to have the ceremony outside. It was unreal, seriously like nothing I have ever seen before…well nothing I had seen yet.

The outdoor ceremony was absolutely breathtaking. The mountains surrounding them and all of their guests present. Kyle and Roxanne had an “unplugged” ceremony. This is where the couple kindly asks their guest to put away their cell phones and cameras and just simply be present for their moment. It is an absolute beautiful request, and even more so when the guests respect the couples wishes.

We headed off to take formal photos, again surrounded by those beautiful mountain tops. All was going well but as I was shooting I could see a lot was changing in regards to the light. I could literally watch the clouds roll in as I pushed that shutter. So I told the bridal party to RUN (literally, run back to the cars) but I knew that I had to take advantage of these amazing clouds before it poured.

I never clicked that button so fast in my life, nor have I ever seen such a change in the sky. Trust me, you will understand once you keep scrolling.
Kyle and Roxanne stuck it out until WOOOOOSH!


Faith in humanity was absolutely restored. A stranger passing by gave them their umbrella as a wedding present. It was so sweet.

And then…literally 5 minutes later it all changed again (seriously check out the photos).

The clouds went away and the sun came out so bright. It was still raining a bit, you can actually even see the rain drops in the photos, but it was just so pretty.

Kyle & Rox, thank you so much for sticking it out with me, it was well worth it.

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and one I will remember forever. Thank you for including me in it!




Photography: NC Photography

Videography:Total Entertainment

DJ:Total Entertainment

Makeup:Mehnaz Khan

Hair:JK Hair Designs

Canmore Wedding Catering

Canmore Nordic Centre:

Flowers:Pretty Petals Floral Designs

Bridal Dress:Novia Mia

Roxanne wrote personal notes to all of her bridesmaids. It was the sweetest thing ever, and definitely brought on a lot of tearsOkay, too cute! Kyle & Roxanne read letters to each other between rooms. It was just like a fairytale¬†YES!!!And here it comes…I love that you can see the rain drops and it isn’t even phasing these two

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