Edmonton Photographer {Brodie & Cheryl}



I could have shot this session for hours, if the light would let me

Cheryl asked for a “sun-kissed” couples session. I generally shoot all of my sessions during the golden hour of the day, but that does not mean the sun will set perfectly and surround everyone in warm rays.

We started shooting a bit earlier just to make sure to take advantage of the great light the evening brings anyway. And it was just perfect. Soft. Glowing and warm.

And then it happened!

It was setting.

We literally ran through a field of tall grass and chased the pockets of light. And it was then, that we made magic.

I adore this couple, and this girl. Cheryl has been with me from the start. I am talking literally the very beginning. You could say she was one of my many muses when I started out.

I am so happy and honored that she would choose me to capture some beautiful moments for her and her wonderful man Brodie.



Wonderful Makeup by Melissa Mackaywith  Bliss Makeup, Esthetics and Massage 

Hair by Kelsie Clarke

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