Meridian Banquets & Conference Wedding Photos | Edmonton Photographer | Sumira

Instead of having a giant post of both this two day event, I thought I would share with you the first night we spent with Sumira. We were invited to join her in celebrating her marriage to Mo. We had yet to be part of an East Indian Wedding but we had heard they were just amazing. The minute I walked in and saw Sumira I was in awe. She looked exquisite and so did all of her guests. She was surrounded by tradition and a ton of love, you could just feel it.

Now normally I am not one for a “ton” of candid photos, but I think these tell a story, Sumira’s story.


Hotel: Meridian Banquets & Conference

Decore and set up: Bride on a Budget
Floral arrangements: Jewels and Rays
Make-up: Jasmine Sehra
Hair: Mousey Browns
DJ: Patwant Singh

I love this one of Sumira so much it deserves a full spreadIt was so neat finding out the meaning of thisAlways time for a few formals before the light goes down. This wall will work hahaAfter a much anticipated day, there were some tears to be shedHugs Hugs for everyoneHad major baby fever during this wedding. I think we followed this little girl around the whole time. Look at those cheeks.And of course we had to finish it off by showing off how amazing everything Sumira had on was. P.S. it is all handmade.

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