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YEAH! Laramie is ENGAGED! She has been telling me for years how I was going to be the first person she was going to tell when she finally got engaged.  Well Trent decided to contact me one day and tell me he was working on the proposal. So of course I was hoping to be hiding in a bush for it. And as much as we tried to plan, timing just wasn’t working out for us. I was so happy when she told me it happened, even if I didn’t get to be the third wheel for it.

I met up with Trent and Laramie at a beautiful park in Edmonton. The day was a bit of a mess to start out. I was on my way up from Medicine Hat, had a birthday party to go to first and another session that night. Needless to say the hopes for nice weather was high on the list. So it was a bright sunny perfect day, until about 5:30.


Like I’m talking grab your stuff and find shelter down pour.

So of course I was panicking a bit. Laramie (and my other session) were just about to get hair and make up done.

Do they do it. Or do we post pone.

But the trees. Those beautiful pink trees that everyone swoons over and anticipates for months.


So I bit my nails to the bone watching it continue to pour.

I got to the park and sat in the rain by myself for a bit.

This has to work out, it just has to.

My trips up to Edmonton this year have been very scarce and many dates cancelled due to weather. So this just could not happen right now.

So the rain slowly started to taper off but it just would not quit.

But having the amazing clients that I do, we went for it. Those beautiful branches provided great shelter for my clients as I got drenched.

I didn’t care one bit.

We made magic this night and I’m so glad we stuck it out.

I cannot be happier for the two of you and I am so looking forward to your big day next year.



Stunning hair and makeup by Stefanie Carlson

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