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When Brittany first contacted me about being a part of her wedding, I was so excited. She shared details with me such as gorgeous glam, sparkle and bling. Well I was absolutely in. Not to mention Brittany is a blonde bomb shell ( I have this obsession with blonde brides). I absolutely could not wait for their day.

Brittany is the type of girl who you can tell has amazing relationships with those around her. She was surrounded by so many great friends, including one who surprised her the morning of her wedding all the way from Africa. You can just tell there is this light that follows Brittany around.

Now Devin on the other hand, he is definitely the quiet type. I am pretty sure that in the year and a bit that we have been talking about their day, I have heard him say maaaaaaybe 2 words total. What can I say, opposites really do attract. What I do know is that Devin loves this girl so much. The way he looks at her, holds her and just genuinely shows his love for her is amazing.

Brittany and Devin chose to do a “first look” for their wedding. If you don’t know what this is, it’s where the bride and groom share a special moment together before anything else starts. They see each other (and tears are always shed) then head off to do intimate portraits, ceremony, and then their reception. It is definitely something to consider if you are planning a wedding. It completely changes the flow of your day and adds an element like no other.

After their first look we headed over to Fort Edmonton Park to take some beautiful formals. For having a wedding in February, we were extremely lucky with the weather. I think it was +4 out that day and not snowing, but there was still snow left on the ground. It was pretty much perfect.

Their ceremony and reception was held at Woodvale Golf Course in Edmonton.

Brittany and Devin, we want to sincerely thank you for having us be a part of your day. I truly hope it was everything you could have ever imagined and we wish you so much happiness in the future!

Ceremony/Reception Woodvale Golf Course

Make Up by Elizabeth https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makeup-By-Elizabeth/198215466946446


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