Frostbitten |Edmonton Photographer|

WHERE IS ALL THE SNOW? Okay, I will never ever complain about the lack of snow on any normal day, but man I do love a good winter project.

People always tell me how warm my photos are, and yes I love my photos warm so I knew this was going to be a challenge for me. I will remind you, this winter I was being selfish and doing things just for me. This shoot was just that.

Cold, think cold thoughts. That’s what I kept telling myself.

Melissa and I have been in touch for over a year now I am sure. Never did we really talk about her beautiful daughter Hailey, and when I say beautiful, I mean it. She definitely has a lot of her mamas jeans in her.

Hailey was also another challenge for me…she is 15. I have yet to work with someone so young, especially for this type of session. I got a little nervous wondering if there are rules for these sorts of things, or what if I slip up and let out a swear word. Little things like that went through my head. But the minute “douche bag” came out of Haileys mouth, I knew we were a perfect fit.

I absolutely adored Hailey. She is so beautiful, inside and out.The day was full of lots of laughing and having a ton of fun. Not to mention introducing the rules of modeling (which went against everything we were doing). NO laughing, NO smiling, and you have to suck it up. Even if that means laying in the snow and having icicles stuck to your back. Okay, those might not be the rules at all, but that’s what we decided to tell her. Thanks for being a trooper love.

I hope you enjoy these photos hun, and think about them on all of those lonely Friday nights (p.s. inside joke. I am sure after this there will be no more of those days)


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