I highly highly recommend NC Photography

I have always been a fan of weddings. And photography. So y’all better believe I follow every wedding photographer between here and the other side of the world. And then some. And all along, I knew Nicole was my first choice when I would get married. I wasn’t even engaged a few weeks before I sent her my first of many (and annoyingly frequent) messages. I am sure if there ever was a bride that made her regret saying “I am here for you through the entire process, ask me anything!”…. it was me. HA! How can you not trust someone so highly regarded in the wedding industry?! She’s a wedding rockstar. So, that was that. She was booked.

I first met Nicole and Shawn at our engagement session on Thanksgiving long weekend. HILARIOUS. If I remember anything about that day, it’s how FUNNY these two are together. Made it so easy for my camera awkward fiance to loosen up in front of the lens! I was also 4 or 5 months pregnant which provided a few obstacles for shooting, but they worked with it! I remember the day our engagement photos arrived. I was home alone. I started looking through them on the computer and was laughing so hard I was crying. (alone. Yes.) Immediately I was reminded of how much fun that evening was! We played chicken with the rain that day, too. Nicole and I were messaging back and forth “Okay…so if the rain stays away, we will go at this time… if not, we will make something work!”

We went from a 300+ guest wedding outside of the city to immediate family only in my parent’s backyard. I probably should have slept on a few decisions and ideas before messaging Nicole sometimes,but she got the good and the bad (and highly emotional – hey, I was pregnant.) Come to think of it… so was she. How she didn’t kill me, will forever remain a mystery!

Here comes the wedding day. I was really happy we had such a laid back, easy wedding for her first wedding back from bringing that beautiful little Mason into the world! When people say this day goes by too fast, they weren’t kidding. Nicole and Shawn showed up at the hair salon and boom: they were along for the ride! We found out the boys had no idea how to pin on their flowers, so thankfully Go Go Gadget Shawn was on his way to them soon enough! (PS. Shawn is a master of wedding know how). In the hotel room where the girls were getting ready, they were SO good with the kids! Nicole was snuggling my baby Lane and I am safely assuming they both fielded half a million questions from my step daughter, Madison. (She’s 4 going on 18, so she never stops talking…..no idea where she got that from…). When I look back at the ceremony, I don’t remember anything. Except Chris, I was so zoned in on him. When I looked at the photos, these ninja photographers were ALL over the place, but I never noticed them. It was literally a perfect ceremony in my opinion. I remember on the way out to the ceremony, my dad (who drove me out there) pointed out the canola fields and suggested they would make some awesome photos. Little did I expect, Nicole suggested the same thing! OH PS – When you wind up with guests who get in their way, and don’t listen to the bride – Go Go Gadget Shawn also doubles as policeman! I could probably write about our day FOREVER…. They did everything I expected them to: took pretty pictures, captured moments I don’t remember (hair salon photo, anyone), caught the laughter and tears (there were no shortage of either at this wedding….also, got a photo of my aunt THAT NEVER CRIES wiping a tear – this is worth my weight in gold), and did it all while being ninjas. I have watched all our wedding photos on the tv about 5 times so far… It is no five minute task either. When they had left the wedding,I got so many people asking me who they were and where I found them because they were so nice, funny etc etc. I was so happy to answers! It was really important to me to have photographers that didn’t just show up and hide behind a camera. They engaged our wedding parties and guests and made our day SO easy. Oh, did I mention they are funny? And the pictures… If I had enough wall space to frame each one… You better believe I would. I highly highly recommend NC Photography to anyone that not only wants beautiful flawless wedding photos, but also to anyone who wants to add that extra little element to their wedding day. You may not realize how important it is to have a photographers with personality until you make the mistake of hiring one without! Don’t make a mistake. 

I asked my husband if there was anything he wanted to add to this review… So I quote: “Her giggle is cute.”

There you have it folks.

Nicole & Shawn — THANK YOUUUUU.

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