I’m craaaazy about you…|Edmonton Wedding Photographer|

Good Evening Nicole,
Thought I’d send a little love your way, just in case you didn’t already know that i’m craaaazy about you 😉

Our wedding day was beautiful but our planning was very hectic from the get go. We live in northern BC, we had a toddler and I was pregnant while planning the wedding for Edmonton. Our original photographer bailed on us before the wedding, leaving me scrambling. Nicole came recommended to me by a bridesmaid and once I saw her work I knew I wanted no one else. Of course we all know Nicole is widely sought after and books up well in advance, but with a few tears shed I sent a very convincing e-mail her way. The fact that she was able to work everything around us being so far away was great! Everything was done via mail or e-mail and we were able to secure her for our date quickly. I found the information tip sheets and questionnaire she sent extremely helpful. Im a tomboy and didnt have the first clue on what to wear (for engagement photos) or how to pose. Nicole made us feel comfortable and was able to read us very well so we ended up with amazing photos. She even squeezed us in for engagement photos when we had a surprise trip to Edmonton and only had a couple hours of spare time before carrying on, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten any, what a gift those were, we loved them so much that we changed our guest book to include them.

For the wedding day we couldnt have asked for a better pair of photographers. Shawn answered all my annoying questions about his previous life experiences and even let me borrow his phone so I could watch videos about bacon and JD while my makeup was being done (this was huge for me). Nicole bonded with my bridesmaids more in one day then most people would in a life time I think. There were nicknames and new words being invented, a day full of laughter. But most importantly Nicole was thoughtful! Without even being asked she took photos of our kids during the ceremony, which brought tears to my eyes. She held onto our pictures for over a month while we were away so that they didn’t sit in our PO Box forever. She sent the photos wrapped in a beautiful box. I mentioned once that my bouquet and my MOH’s had special meaning to me and we ended getting an amazing photo of our rings in the centre of them (So if she comes up and randomly asks for your rings, just give them to her, you wont regret it). At the end of our formals while we were waiting for her to finish taking some ring photos we sat down on a bench and she took a photo of us from behind (without us knowing), just like our engagement photos, just like the story that was read at our ceremony. Her attention to detail, creativity and thoughtfulness is something to truly treasure and is a true gift in a photographer.
Its hard to explain what exactly Nicole is able to capture while her photos. Its more than just moments; she has a true gift to be able to capture feelings. I love her personality and photographs and cannot wait to book her for an anniversary session!


Mr & Mrs Erickson xoxo


To see some of the images from this wedding please check out their blog post. It also came with a fabulous behind the scenes video.




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