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From the minute I saw Nicole’s work, I knew I had to have her! Even though I was 3 years away from getting engaged I just knew I would have her. I watched her blossom over the years and the more she posted the more I loved her! If only Derrick would just propose already!! When it became our time she was the first detail I planned and booked! I didn’t even have a date when I first contacted her, I was just too afraid someone would snatch her from me haha! She was so lovely to work with from the minute I contacted her. I’m always a little on the stressed side with a million questions and she was there every step of the way keeping me calm and sane. When we had our engagement session I was so excited she was open to the vision I had and what I wanted, she made the afternoon a complete breeze! The pictures of course were to die for when I received them and they finally put my indecisive mind to rest. Planning a wedding alone is hard, so having at least the most important piece run smooth I could have cared less about the rest. I told her basic types of pictures I wanted and was sending her ideas for months! The day of the wedding she was by my side from the start even when we had to race home because we forgot the flowers!!! Leaving us 30 minutes late for the ceremony haha poor Derrick and Shawn I bet too!! Nicole and Shawn captured so many irreplaceable memories I cannot even describe how important their role was in our special day! When someone has as much experience as she does, I didn’t have to worry a second that she wouldn’t capture every single detail I wanted and more! And trust me, when you plan every single detail to the end you want that captured and appreciated. She was amazing! Our wedding party was a handful, Nicole and Shawn handled it with grace, jokes and many laughs. It seems like 80% of our photos are of me laughing and it’s because of Nicole and Shawn. They went over and beyond our expectations of wedding photography. She even brought her own coral chair from home as a prop, who would go out of their way and do that? Amazing, again!! Nicole will always have a special place with us and I thank her so so so much for all the effort and hard work she put in. She will forever be a part of our lives. I could never go to someone else after having such a wonderful experience with her. Nicole and Shawn were a major part of the most important day of our lives and we have created a friendship that is irreplaceable!

As a groom I had no idea of the complexity of wedding planning. It was extremely overwhelming, but definitely satisfying when it was all said and done. To get the ball rolling, our first decision was the photographer, which was the easiest. We were fortunate enough to attend a family wedding that Nicole was shooting. I knew how much Tiffany would love to have her for our wedding, to the point where I touched base with her prior to “dropping the knee”. From that point on, Nicole was available for questions throughout the entire planning process. Nicole and Shawn are incredibly talented and very personable. Our day was perfect and we couldn’t have had better photographers.

Thank you Derrick and Tiffany Westlund

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