Medicine Hat Photographer | The Streifels|


Oh the Streifel family. How they mean the world to me. I met Cory and Ruth when I was ohhhhh probably 20 or something. I was working at the Totem Building Supplies in Medicine Hat. Cory and Ruth were building a house and I happened to be their favorite cashier. From that day on we have always made a point to be in each others lives. I shot them when little Hannah was in Ruths belly and now that Asher is finally here I got to shoot them as an entire family. Ruth was such a great support to me while I was pregnant, and even more now that Mason is here. She is a superb Mom and someone I look up to so much. Cory, well he is pretty much the best Dad out there. The way he is with all his kids is just amazing to watch.

Love you guys tons. So glad to have you in our lives.


This next set of photos was either taken by a 2 year old…a 4 year old…or Cory. Ya…I like to hand out my camera ever now and then!


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