Medicine Hat Wedding Photos |Edmonton Photographer | Chris and Savanna

Chris and Savanna booked us for their day a very long time ago. In between the time of booking and the big day, Savanna and I chatted a ton. So much that when she ran a “change of plans” by me I was pretty excited. Originally they were having this big big wedding in Schuler. As much as I love big weddings, small weddings just have something unique about them. So when she told me she was changing it to a personal private outdoor wedding in Medicine Hat, I was very excited. Nothing but your close loved ones surrounding you on the most special day of your life. That is what it is all about. Savanna would send me photos of her wedding goodies as she planned. It kept me super excited for their day and let me get to know her a lot more.

Here comes the big day in Medicine Hat. The sun is shining, like it always does there, and it was beautiful. Their outdoor ceremony was held at Echodale Park and was absolutely serene. It was peaceful and gorgeous. But the kicker…when Savanna whipped out her cell phone to take a picture at the alter. She is a HUGE advocate of social media so it only fit that she herself document that moment. It was perfect! They also did something I had never seen at a wedding before. Since Instagram is such a popular method of sharing photos these days, they created a hash tag for their day so anyone who wanted to share would share them all in the same place. I thought it was brilliant.

Now, their reception was a total new ball game. The amount of tears and laughter that came from that backyard reception was unbelievable. Now yes, I do cry at every wedding for some reason or another, but seriously bawling at this one. I definitely hid behind my camera a time or two.

Either way, this wedding was gorgeous and I am so happy to have been a part of it. Thank you for trusting that only 5 weeks after having a baby I would be good and ready for your day, I will never forget your email to me when you found out I was pregnant…priceless.

Good luck you two and congratulations again!

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