Modde Twins {36 Weeks}

36 weeks and I feel like I have no words left to say….hence last weeks post with nothing. Sorry about that. I just feel overwhelmed with emotion and like there is a lot going on in my head.

This week has been a rough one. I am not very mobile anymore and it is frustrating beyond belief. You two are just too dang heavy for my little body, it can’t hold it anymore.

We had our last Dr. appointment this week and it all went so great. Yes, I am still surprised and every single appointment. Yes, I still hold my breath until I see those hearts beating. I am so incredibly glad that part is over. Not it’s just making sure you are still breathing every night at home for the next year hahah. Trust me, you will understand one day.¬† But the ultra sound was great. You are both so busy in there and pushed the tech away a lot. I have a feeling you are going to be strong little girls. I am so excited to see how close your weight is to what the tech is saying. Right now it looks like one baby is 6 pounds and the other is 7 pounds. THAT IS INSANE. Twins are known to be smaller in size and possibly have complications. Turns out when I can keep my babies, I cook them good. I am so proud of you both for staying to strong and growing. Thank you!

The Dr was pretty awesome to me this week. He put me on my back to measure my tummy (52 weeks by the way) and told me how beautiful my tummy was. That is was all baby and a miracle. It was probably the best thing to ever hear from your Dr days before having you.

The pain is pretty unreal unfortunately. I can no longer really walk or do anything much at all. Even sitting and laying hurts. I keep telling myself that a surgery (c section) has to feel better than what I do now so I am very much looking forward to having a bit of relief and I guess a new kind of pain to worry about.

We also had our surgery prep this week which holy cow made things pretty darn real. And kind of scared me a bit. It is surgery and just seems so weird to show up and just take you out of my body. I know you are ready and by the sounds of it are growing so good so I don’t feel worried about you but maybe just scared about all of the unknown. Either way we are so so close now and I cannot believe it.

I love you so much and cannot wait to see your little faces. Stay safe in there babes, just days away




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