My Baby Bump ~13 Weeks~

Week 13! That still seems so early yet I have this little…BIG bump on my belly.

You have really made your appearance this week. I cannot wait to show Family & Friends. Everyone is going to be so shocked!

This week was a hard one for me. I seem to be getting a ton of really bad headaches lately. Some say its baby, others say it’s just being in a new city with the dry air. Either way, I would really appreciate if they went away.

I am feeling a ton better when it comes to feeling sick. This must mean you are healthy and happy in there.

Food is not my friend lately. Although I do really love popsicles and anything fresh and cold. I think I eat 2 a day…yikes. It’s better than chips I guess.

Talking to my mom almost daily is sure helping. I am so glad I was able to tell her.

And guess what….WE GOT TO SEE YOU! We had our first ultrasound on December 11,2012. I thought that you were still the size of a sesame seed and I wouldn’t be able to really see anything. Although you are big now, the size of a whole Lemon. We got to see your little spine. Your tiny bum. And even wiggle your little fingers. But, looks like you are going to be like your mom. You were too shy to show us your face. But it’s okay. Only 1 more month and we can find out what you are. I am sure you will show your pretty little face then.

We love you already so much. But sometimes I forget you are in there. No movements yet. But you seem so busy on the ultrasound.

Only days left now until we can share our news with the world.

Baby Modde is on the way!

Oh and yes, I was way too tired to do my hair and make-up for this one. So baby bump is all you get!

Oh and YES, we can finally incorporate out little fruit in our photos. Alberta isn’t so kind and doesn’t offer yummy fruit all year. Our little lemon made it’s appearance this week.

December12-December 19 2012

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