My Baby Bump ~ 24 Weeks ~

Finally… BETTER!

I think my cold has finally left and I don’t even have my night time cough sticking around. This is one happy girl right now.  But I am feeling super duper pregnant these days. Which totally scares me for what is to come. I still have 15 weeks left.


Never mind.


I ONLY have 15 weeks left.

Holy macro that is insane. I was just about to say how uncomfortable I was getting and such, but I’ll save that for week 40.

Your Dad and I sat on the couch together this week and just watched you dance. Normally you play pretty shy and won’t let anyone feel you the way I do, but not this time. I honestly wonder what you are doing in there. Are you kicking like they say you are or are you actually dancing. I listen to music about 17 hours in a day. The other 7 is spent sleeping and believe me if I could still be listening to music then I would be. I absolutely love it. All kinds. So I am pretty sure you are dancing in there and not kicking. You are the most active after I eat or drink something ice cold. I wish I knew if that meant you liked it or didn’t like it and were fussing. I wish I knew what was going on in there. I hope you are cozy and happy.

We have reached the 6 month mark. Your Dad still says every night before we go to bed


He has said this every single day since we found out. I can almost bet that for the rest of your life he will say


He’s just like that. But he has been amazing, like always. He puts up with me and my mood swings (and believe me, they are crazy) and he is trying to get everything ready for when you come. We spent the weekend picking out the furniture for your room. I absolutely love all of it and cannot wait for it to get here. We get it all in a few short weeks. Hopefully we can make sure your room is all painted by then. We are being big slackers I know.

It’s weird. Sometime when I lie in bed at night, I look across the hall and imagine you sleeping in there. In your room. Next to ours. We are going to have a little person. Someone that looks like us and someone we love so much.


So next week is a big one. We have a 3D ultra sound booked so we can see you more and finally see if you fit some of the names we have been tossing around. What can I say, we are just really excited? And then we head to Mexico AGAIN. You are one travelling baby.


Finally can take a whole picture that has my face in it now that I’m feeling better. But don’t mind my hair, still too lazy to do that.Yes…this is your Dad. Someone who doesn’t necessarily like to be in photos. But he likes to make me happy…and hey he is super cute too! I hope you look like him.

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