My Baby Bump~Telling Mom~

So it has been a couple weeks now of knowing we are expecting. Every day has been so crazy. Every morning I wake up, I instantly know my life is different and it is about to change so much.

The hardest part…no one knows.

I haven’t told a sole. Shawn hasn’t told a sole. We are living with a huge secret.

We had just moved to a new city, in between Edmonton and Medicine Hat. So basically in the middle of everyone we love. It is good for us because it is easier to visit everyone, but also very lonely at times.

So I have started to feel pretty sick. No throwing up just very very tired and a lot of¬†nauseousness. Mainly from 10-2 and then 5-8 so it really isn’t that bad, I cannot complain but man would it be nice to talk to someone about it.

I talk to my mom at least once a week for a few hours. It was getting very hard to chat with her and not tell her what was going on. So I begged and pleaded with Shawn to let me tell her. At first he didn’t understand, we wanted to tell everyone at Christmas. But after telling him how much I just wanted to talk to someone, he understood.

So we made a plan to head to Medicine Hat for the day. I had left all of my Christmas decorations there anyway so we needed to get that “wink wink”.

Again, I never just do anything normal. It had to be great.

Here are some photos…story to come at the bottom. (Big THANK YOU to Shawn for grabbing the camera)

Here is the hilarious story. My mom gets home every day around the same time. So I knew driving into town we had a bit of time to stop and pick up a bun and some ribbon. As I’m at Wal-Mart I get a text from her telling me she is on her way home. OMG OMG I am going to kill her. She got off work early. So I ran out of Wal-Mart with bun in hand and sped all the way home.

We were frantically trying to wrap the bun.

Oh No! The garage door opens. I ran to stall her but I must have been hearing things.

One thing I didn’t know was how I was going to get her to look in the oven. So I put the little note you see above on the handle, underneath a towel.

She’s home!

Shawn put the bun in the oven (haha no pun intended).

But I forgot. My mom likes to keep her pots and pans in the oven.

She comes in and immediately notices that there are pots and pans in the kitchen sink. Shawn put them there after he put the bun in the oven.

My mom gets freaked out about everything so she was instantly worried that something was wrong. So…she heads to the oven.

Opens the door.

Takes out the sign with the bun.

And reads the sign out loud.


Throws the bun on the counter (which she thought was a pumpkin hahah) and runs over,. Hugs me like crazy and cries hysterically.

IT WAS AMAZING. The best reaction I could have asked for. You see, my mom has wanted grandbabies for as long as I can remember. Everyone was pretty certain it was never going to happen.

So the excitement is over…WHERE IS THE BUN????

In all of it, she must have missed the counter and threw the bun on the floor. Well with 4 dogs running around…all you could see is crumbs. It was hilarious. THE DOGS ATE MY BABY haha

Never a dull moment in the Cameron house.

Needless to say, it was absolutely perfect.

A few days later we called Shawns mom and said….SO WE HAVE SOME NEWS!

Well, enough said. Screams went on for a long time. She was one proud mom.

But the hardest part…they both had to keep it secret for two months now.



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