Newborn Client Prep Guide

Are you excited about your session? Me too. I cannot wait for baby snuggles. It’s the best part! But please understand that this is a session that requires your attention and help. My goal is the same as yours, to have a really successful session but to ensure this YOU MUST DO YOUR part and FOLLOW all of these instructions, I CANNOT stress this enough.

Okay let’s get into the tips of making this session awesome

1. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT!!! If you are nursing, NO CAFFEINE < NO COFFEE, NO POP NO CAFFEINE !!!! be sure you’re careful with what you eat for about a day leading up to the session. Any sort of spicy foods can make the baby uncomfortable or upset his/her tummy. And an upset tummy will always mean lots of tears and little sleep! So avoid spicy foods, or any foods the baby may have allergies to, at all costs! If baby happens to be gassy the day of your session, Oval or Gripe Water can be used to help ease baby’s discomfort. Please bring this if you are comfortable using it.

2. KEEP YOUR BABY AWAKE keep your baby awake in the couple hours leading up to the session to ensure they are good and sleepy for the session. Do what you have to to keep the little one awake. If the baby has slept all morning and then arrives to the session, they just might be ready for a long awake period, which makes the job of getting them sleepy all that much harder. Parents always think it won’t be a problem because their baby sleeps all the time, but I cannot stress enough that once they are naked and being moved around un-swaddled, they NEVER stay that way. But, if you follow these instructions, it will help tremendously! To keep your baby awake, talk and play with him/her, let him/her kick in just a diaper, and give him/her a bath – whatever it takes to keep him/her alert for an hour or two. Then, when you arrive in my studio, he/she will be ready for a long nap! It is okay if he/she falls asleep once in the car. I will just start the session immediately upon arrival.

3. FEED YOUR BABY Make sure your baby has a nice, full tummy right before you leave the house to come to your session. Make sure you get a good burp in too! A baby with gas is not a happy baby and can result in lots of crying. Assuming baby did not nap before your session, he/she will usually fall asleep shortly after your arrival (or in the car) and I can immediately get started on the session and hopefully get an hour or two of photos done before baby needs a feeding break. In fact, feed the baby as often as you can for about 10-12 hours before your session to ensure that baby is really full and they will be more likely to have a long, sleepy stretch. You can also top baby up with a quick feed when you get here if necessary.

5. BRING A PACIFIER AND BOTTLES If your baby does not currently take a pacifier, I recommend bringing one anyway to use FOR THE SESSION ONLY. The pacifier is essential to soothing the baby’s need to suck and also releases endorphins helping them to relax and allow me to ease them into poses. It is an extremely helpful tool during all my sessions and strongly recommended. If you’re breast feeding , please pump breast milk before your session and bring bottles with breast milk, or provide extra formula just for your session. I can feed baby with a bottle more quickly and it prevents the baby from smelling you and wanting to feed more than necessary. Babies always eat way more than usual during their newborn session. With that being said I am comfortable with whatever you are so if they will not take a bottle, nursing will be absolutely fine.

6. DRESS BABY IN LOOSE-FITTING CLOTHING Bring baby in a button-up or zip-up sleeper – preferably a loose fitting one. If the baby arrives nice and sleepy in his/her car seat and then we have to remove shoes and socks, pants, and take a shirt off over his/her head – it almost always wakes them up. It’s much simpler to zip down and slip off pajamas while the baby remains asleep! And if the pajamas are loose-fitting, then ideally there won’t be many lines left behind on the baby’s skin.

7. WHAT TO WEAR Wear something comfortable. White, cream, blush, pastels for Mom, hair left down and curled, not up, Make-up done, contacts no glasses (glasses show reflections of my lighting) , manicured hands and finger nails for Mom. Dad a white, cream, light grey, or earth tones shirt, no logos or graphics, make sure finger nails are clean and manicured, clean face and hair combed. Siblings can wear a white or a light coloured shirt no patterns or logos or same colors as above, light, neutral muted tons.  Please make sure kiddos faces are free from eye goo, runny noses, hair is brushed and off their face and they are very well rested and fed. Parent/family shots are shot very tight so it is a lot of cropped faces and really close with a focus on baby. Your legs may show but very little. Please bring a few diapers for your babe, the lighter in color the better.

8. DRESS IN LAYERS My studio will be HOT (28 degrees Celsius), so I always suggest you dress lightly or in layers. You can always change into another outfit when it is time for you to be photographed. Please let spouses know it will be a hot session.

9. BRING SOMETHING TO DO During the session, sit back and relax. I won’t need  assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest in my sitting area (I’m sure you need it!). Parents will often watch a movie, answer emails or read while I work with your new little one. I’ve even had some parents take a nap! The seating are is small but comfy so get cozy, you will be here for a few hours.

10. BRING SNACKS I recommend bringing a lunch or some snacks and plenty of water because I expect that our day will be several hours long (up to but no longer than 3 hours). There is also lots of places near by to have one of you run out and grab coffee or anything.

11. PROVIDE pick up for Siblings Please arrange childcare for your other children and have them dropped off here for the beginning of the session.  It works best if Dad brings a separate vehicle and takes the siblings home while the rest of the session is being photographed.

12. PARK IN MY DRIVE-WAY Please feel free when you arrive to park in my drive-way.

14. My studio is the bonus room of our home Please be respectful of our house keeping your littles in the main area and not in our living space, down the hall or opening doors. But please also make yourself cozy in this tiny space.

15. AFTER YOUR SESSION  You will be sent an UNEDITED gallery of your images for you to choose the amount that is in your package. This is where you can also purchase more. After you choose, your finished photos from your session will be sent to you by digital download within 30 days of your session.. You will download all of your photos and save them on your desktop or hard drive. The amount of photos depends on how well your session goes. All photos are  professionally edited and retouched. I will show a “Sneak Peek” on my Facebook page/Instagram so please make sure you like/follow my page so you don’t miss it.

16. Please let me know before your session if you are NOT wanting photos online or in my portfolio of you or your babe. I will shoot and post behind the scene shots from your session, unless I know otherwise.

Please note that not every baby LOVES having their picture taken, being posed, wearing hats, etc. Today you may have the most peaceful and sleepy baby, but your session may be a whole other story.

Please do not feel disappointed or frustrated should your baby want to be awake and visit during our session instead of sleep, they may be wiggly and not hold poses, it can sometimes take a LONG time before we even get one shot, this is OK and completely expected by me. I take every session as it comes.

Just remember these are tiny human beings who have only been part of our world for a very short amount of time. They require a lot of patience and you may be surprised how much work goes into creating just one stunning image. I assure you, I have that patience and the training to do what needs to be done to get you that stunning image, so during your session just sit back and enjoy.

Your baby’s fussing, crying, wiggling, and yes even pooping and peeing are all part of my job (although I no longer do naked babies), and I LOVE every minute of it! please PLEASE go back and review everything listed here!! it is very important, your session starts when you arrive and we stop after 3 hours no matter what we have, so it is up to you to help prepare for a successful session. I can not stress this enough.

I hope I didn’t scare you off with all of the information I just truly want a fabulous session with you and your babe and this is how to get it.

Cannot wait to see you and steal some baby snuggles. Please let me know if you have any questions.



I have included some inspiration photos for you so you know what to expect. My style is very organic and neutral with some pastels so there will be very little props and all attention to your baby. Colors like grey, cream, white, and pastels will be used. Please let me know well before your session if there are any colors you would like me to try and incorporate all while keeping to the style in which you booked me for. Your outfits are very important to achieving this soft look you hired me for.

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