Preparing for Your 1 Year Session |Edmonton Photographer|

This session is all about celebrating the first year of this little human you created.

Here are a few tips on what to wear, what to bring and how to get the most out of your photos.

What To Wear

Because I offer a few different types of packages for 1st birthday sessions this will vary so some will apply to you and some wont.

To start, here are the outfits I have in the STUDIO

If you have chosen to include Mom in the photos please come dressed (or ready to change) in lighter colors. Whites, creams, beige, pastels ect. The studio and the set that is used for Mom and Me photos is very light and bright so it is important that your outfit reflects this as well. Loose flowy shirts or dresses are great. Same as light colored pants with softer tops. You can see some examples of that HERE

Make sure to have your hair down and curled as well as makeup on. Your hands and feet will be in the photos so please do not have on distracting nail polish or jewelry. Keep it simple.

If you have decided to make it a family session and include Dad, the same rules apply for him as well as no logos or old t shirts or ball caps. Light colors are always a must. For the guys usually greys and cream colors are easy to find and work great. White tshirts are just fine as long as they are still a crisp white and Mom isnt wearing white.

The goal is to coordinate your pallet rather than to match. So if you both wear white tops just make sure the style is different with textures.

Your little one can come in regular clothing just try and keep them loose so there are little indents on his/her skin. Same consideration with headbands or hats.

What to Bring

Because all babes vary in size I always ask my clients to bring 2 things. A white onesie to keep it clean and simple. And a simple little outfit in the same pallet as what you have chosen to wear. If you are not in the photos then please take the same advice from above for dressing babe. If you ARE doing mommy and me or family photos then yes for sure bring an outfit that coordinates with yours. I have outfits for these sessions but as mentioned everyone is different and not everything will fit or some just prefer to wear their own outfits, completely up to you. These outfits you bring are a just in case, if you for sure want me to photograph them please let me know at the beginning of the session. I will have outfits displayed for you to choose from when you get to the studio.

Headbands and bows are great to showing off a little bit of character.  Or we dont need any, just consider to bring some as an option. Again, light in color.

Little treats. Cherrios, num nums, ect. These are little bribes that are not messy. Things without color that we can sneak into the shot and dont get their clothes messy are a win

Toys but NOT their absolute favorite one. Ones that make sounds or light up are perfect. But please do not bring these out until I ask. Last resort.

Get the Most Out of Your Session

Like anything,  working together just works better. I schedule all of my sessions around the happiest time for your little one. Try and stay on schedule the morning of and the night before. It really does help. They will be a tad nervous being in an unfamiliar place and might need a little bit  of time to warm up, let them take their time. We can wait until they are ready and slowly introduce them to the set.

I will need your help getting those trusty smiles. Whether this means tickle fights or barking like a dog (yup I said it), I will need your help. Kids are hard to photograph so if we can work together to get those smiles the shoot should be a success.

But most of all, have fun. Keep smiling, play with your little one, connect with them as you normally would..

Please let me know if you have any questions at all before your session. In the mean time, please check out these first year sessions that I have and let me know if you would like a certain set up or backdrop. If not, the standard set is the bed set up for the parent shots (this comes with all 1st year sessions) and then a neutral backdrop for the cake smash.

Cant wait to  make some memories with you!


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