Signed the Papers |Our New Home|

Summer is coming! We have a really busy one planned, including our little man turning one in LESS than 2 months (how is that possible?!)

With so much happening in our lives, I want to share some news with you. We signed some important papers last week – the documents for our new home in Edmonton. Now before I show you a little peak into that, I feel I should explain a little bit about the move, since people are a bit shocked by it (trust me, we are too!).

We moved to Medicine Hat shortly after we had Mason. I was a new Mom (freaking out of course), on mat leave and super lonely. I honestly thought there was no way I could raise my baby away from my family, especially my Mom. I needed people around me, I needed support, and I needed to be where I thought of as home.

So that was it. Just like that we put a For Sale sign on the house, packed up and moved to Medicine Hat. Since we didn’t know what we wanted to do house-wise we were just going to rent until we figured it out.

Since we have been here I realised a few things. YES…I (we) do need family around. That goes without saying. Family is extremely important to me, especially now that we have Mason. I’m so grateful my Mom has been around to help me this past year while I figure this new Mom thing out. But I also realised that I really miss the lifestyle of a big city. The hustle and bustle. The options of activities (especially with a busy little boy). And we really miss all of our great friends we made while in Edmonton. We just miss it all.

Aside from the lifestyle, now that I will be off “mat leave” soon here, I really want to get back to shooting the things I love the most…LOVE. I adore shooting kids and babies and families, but nothing makes my heart pound with excitement like shooting couples and weddings. Yes, I can do that in Medicine Hat, as I have amazing clients here, but most of my clientele is around the Edmonton area.

So for now, we are packing back up and heading back to Edmonton. We will be there for 3 or 4 years for sure (and not for another 10 or so months), but who knows where life will take us after that! One thing I learned while making this decision (and trust me a lot of tears and list making and choosing our pros and cons went into this), NOTHING IS FOREVER. And isn’t that an amazing feeling?! This is our right now and we are going to make the most of it. That is after we have an AMAZING summer in the desert we call Medicine Hat.

So here is a little peak into where we will be in Edmonton. We lived in the north end when we were there before, and always said if we stayed we would ideally live there again. We are so happy we have found a place up there. We are building (I am way too picky to just move into anything) and very excited about it.

It means a lot of trips up to Edmonton this summer as well! (so let me know if you want a session! I’d love to be the one to shoot it!)

Hope you will join the journey with us as I keep you up to date on our progress.


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