So Into You |Edmonton Photographer|

When you see a message in your inbox from someone like Iuliia Sutygina, you basically drop everything you have going on, jump up and down for joy, and get planning. Iuliia is one of the most naturally beautiful people I have met. She is so absolutely adorable and seriously so sweet.

I had no clue what I wanted to do with this beauty, but I knew it had to be great.  Iuliia scooped up a beautiful design by Natasha Lazarovic and we headed out. Again, we went to the side of the road, in a group of trees that I see every day. I love this location. It was perfect for what I pictured.

I am never too proud to be honest about a shoot. This was all Iuliia. She moved, I pressed the button.

Hope you enjoy this long over due session.

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