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You know how everyone starts out somewhere?! Well I am very thankful I was brand new one day. I shot a wedding waaaaay back in the day, I think in 2010, I shot one of my first weddings. It happened to be Derricks Uncle. Apparently Tiffany saw those photos and just knew she had to have me…they also were not even engaged yet. Let me just say THANK YOU to anyone that helped me start out this journey and that trusted me with their moments, being new and all. Without having the chance to start, I wouldn’t have met so  many wonderful people along the way.

Anyway, I remember getting the email from Tiffany telling me she wasn’t engaged yet but she knew it was coming. I love getting these emails. It tells me that no matter what, these brides just have to have me and it is a great feeling. So we chatted a bit and then another email came telling me it happened, Derrick popped the question. I was so excited. I was even more excited because Shawn and I were in the process of moving to Calgary as well, where Tiffany and Derricks wedding was to be held.

Anyway (sorry keep getting off track), Tiffany and I, and even Derrick and I, chatted a ton over the year about their wedding. Even the location, Spruce Meadows, got me super excited. It all sounded so beautiful and to picture Tiffany as a bride, well that is just beyond stunning. So closer to the date Tiffany and Derrick came over to go over their day. This was just shortly after we had Mason. I am positive that my hair was still wet, as there just isn’t time to get ready anymore, and I had just finished napping. Either way, Tiffany understood. I was super surprised to see who was doing all the planning with these two. It definitely wasn’t Tiffany, the bride, who normally has everything planned to the minute. Nope, it was Derrick. He brought his trusty Ipad and had everything all planned out. And he even did a pretty good job too. After a few tweaks we made the schedule together, talked about the day and were all set.

That morning was a little chaotic. The girls forgot the flowers back at Tiffany’s house so it was looking like we were going to be a wee bit late for the ceremony. But hey, no wedding can start without the bride right?!

The rest of the day was flawless. It was sunny and hot but everyone did so great. This wedding party was absolutely hilarious and so fun to be around. And  yes, the good ol’ bridesmaid photo was one of the last ones. I think that’s the only way we could have got them to do it. Either way it was a blast.

9pm comes and I’m looking out the windows of the beautiful venue and I can just see a gorgeous sun set. I told Shawn we need to go get that but he wasn’t up for bugging the happy couple. I didn’t care (okay I cared but that sunset was just too good to waste) so we headed out for a few more photos, some of my favourite of the day.

Tiffany and Derrick, it was so great getting to know you over this time. I am actually sad that your day has come and gone. I hope you stay in touch and get that baby belly going sooner than later so we can meet again.

Lots of love

Shawn and Nicole


It’s a long one. I just couldn’t choose my favourites!

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