St.Patricks Church Wedding Photos | Medicine Hat Photographer| Craig and Chantel

I met up with Chantell and Craig forever ago to do their engagement session. Since then Chantell and I have been talking almost daily, getting ready for her big day. When I walked in and saw Chantell getting ready yesturday morning…WOW is all I could say. She set a goal for herself and completely blew it away. Chantell lost 30 pounds before her wedding day, and lets just say she is my first bride that was too small for her dress (Shawn had to help do it up lol)
And what to say about Craig…you sure are a pain in my butt Craig. But the best pain I could ask for. You were awesome, and I truly mean it. You said almost 2 words I think at your engagement shoot, but come your wedding day, the razzing of me never ended. I loved every minute of it.

“This Wedding Party is the Bee’s Knees” came from a few different things that day. Aside from them being a fabulous wedding party, there were bees everywhere. But I was pretty certain there were only bees in Medicine Hat because I dont remember there being any in Edmonton.

Also, Jack, or Jim, or John (inside joke)….one of the guys happen to have said they were the Bee’s Knees, so it just stuck!

One thing did happen this day, that I will never forget, and will always mention to future brides. When we were out shooting our formals, it was +34. This isnt an unusual temperature for Medicine Hat, it is pretty much a desert down there. Anyway, we were shooting the beautiful couple, capturing some intimate moments, and I could see something in Chantells face that just wasn’t right. Well, she was feeling sick…and was about to faint. Her lovely new husband caught her in his arms and lowered her to the ground. This was when I got to see just how much Craig loves Chantell. He was so caring, and so concerned about her, he just wanted to end photos and take her back to the hotel. I had some fruit in my car and some water, so we got the bride to eat and drink and everything was alright.

Lesson learned…eat, drink and have supplies just in case.

Thank you guys so much for sharing your special day with us, it was so much fun.

Wishing you all the best!

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