Vancouver Photographer |Jake & Taylor {Engaged}|

My little family made a trip to B.C. (Nanaimo) this May to spend some quality time with family. I could not pass up this opportunity to shoot in Vancouver on the way. And to top it off, IT’S BLOSSOM SEASON!!! I am so girly when it comes to blossoms. They are pink and soft and so soo pretty. I could shoot in them for days. So I put out a posting that we would be in the area to see if I had any clients there. Well, a friend of mine Taylor and her fiance Jake live there and just happened to recently get engaged.


So we started planning and I sent Taylor on a hunt for the perfect location. She checked it out, sent me pictures and it was absolutely what I was looking for.

So about a week later I was on my way to meet her…um….it definitely did not look like the pictures she sent me.

The blossoms had all bloomed and gone in that short time frame. I was stressing. But, I was there and I was going to make this happen.

I swear I work better when things are chaotic hahah. I found this one tree, literally on the side of the road by a parking lot. It just had to do. And guess what…this is possibly my favorite session to date.

The light. The colours. The couple. It was all just so great. I couldn’t wait to get back to Medicine Hat and go through all of my images. It killed me to have to wait another week haha.

Anyway…thank you so much for coming out with me for a short and sweet session you two. The connection and chemistry that you have is undeniable. And to top that off, you are both absolutely wonderful people.



Oh and thank you for giving my son some snuggles too!!!

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