What To Wear Fall Family Guide and Session Information

Here are some inspiration outfits as well as some tips for your session

I absolutely love family photography. I specialize in Wedding Photography because it is a strong focus on love. I look at family photography as no different. There is just something so special about documenting  a family in that specific time in their lives, one that will never ever be the same again.

Now there are many types of photography out there so I like to try and give you an idea of what you can expect from me.

Plan on running around, doing a ton of nose kisses and throwing your kids as high as they can go, Dad be ready for your work out. I like to have fun and capture those little personalities as much as I can  because we all know they grow up way way too fast. Don’t feel pressured to sit still and smile and the camera. Let your kids be who there are, it’s what you’ll want to remember the most.

I truly believe family photos are so special and important. They document a moment in your life, and the life of your children that you will never get back. You will never have those tiny little toes and that beautiful scrunchy nose little laugh. Those teeny weeny little noses and beautiful long eyelashes. It all changes on a dime, so why not document it, wrap it up and have it to keep forever! With that being said I do generally photograph children under the age of 10. If you have kids older please do let me know and we can go from there.

I am not your “standard” family photographer.

Okay…yes I absolutely will get a few shots of you posed, cuddling and saying cheese at the camera. But after that you better be ready to run around, cuddle and laugh your butts off.

Aside from that I really help prepare you for your session. I will style you, yes you are going shopping for this session, and Ill help you along the way, until we get exactly what you are looking for. Don’t you dare match hee hee! Coordinating is key.

One more thing about me and my style is all about beautiful light. I always say I would rather shoot in an ugly place with beautiful light than a perfect place with bad light. Light is everything when it comes to photography. All of my sessions are in the evening when the light is the softest. In the Fall, the best time for family photos in my opinion, we will shoot around 4:00-6:00 to get that golden glow or soft light.

A few MUSTS for your session

Please let me know what part of the city you are located in and what type of location you would like for your session. My style is to generally shoot in “messy” longer grass or a field type of setting. Please let me know what you are looking for.

Make sure if there are little children you are not booking your session on a busy day, or after they have had shots, or at a time where they are not their happiest (aka during nap time).

Bribes will go a long way for your session. Please bring clean snacks (tic tacs, cheerios ect) but please do not mention them until I say so. We need them to last as long as possible.

For your outifts please make sure to check out my style of work to see what works best. Coordinate, do not match. Same pallet. No logos or ball caps. Not a ton of black or old t-shirts. No red or pink. Whites, creams, grey, fall tones all work best. Youll see tons of inspiration below and I am always here to bounce ideas off of.

I have attached a few photos so you can know what to expect from your session. Also please check out my families category to see more. Oh and here is some awesome inspiration for your session as well!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

I am super excited to capture your family!




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