What Would You Do

What would you do? We are looking for some advice, as maybe we have missed something we should be thinking about in helping us make a great decision.

So as you know we recently, as in 10 months ago, moved from Edmonton to Calgary. The main and only reason why we moved was for family. My family is in Medicine Hat which is about 3 hours away from Calgary, 6 from Edmonton. We wanted to be closer to them but still in the middle of where all of our business is. Then something changed…we found out we were pregnant. We were actually pregnant before we moved and didn’t know it yet.

Anyway…since having Mason we realised a few things.

1. Life is different

Life is different in so many ways, ways that you think we would’ve known going into this. And yes, we did somewhat know them but maybe not to this degree. Shawn and I never get a break…together anyway. We don’t have a lot of people around us in Calgary that can come babysit while we have a date night, or go grocery shopping together, or shoot together, or really anything together.

2. Life is different

Yup, the same thing. Life is just different. Priorities changed from which concert we were going to attend to which diapers are the best for our babies butt. And it is surprisingly crazy how fast that all changed. With that came the lack of having people around us. A few weekends ago we spent the weekend at the lake with our close family and friends down in Medicine Hat. It is what we want for our own family…and what we can’t have unless we have them closer.

So…I need your help.


Stay in Calgary where our business is booming and keep travelling to family events…Con we have no support to help with both of us shooting together here.

Move to Medicine Hat where we have support and family and friends…Con our business will most likely suffer a lot, if not completely diminish

Basically…Family Vs. Work


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