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My Field of  Dreams Beauty!

Oh how I could not have asked for a better model for this concept. I have been planning this shoot since March. Yup, 5 months ago. Originally it was supposed to be a full out boudoir marathon. But with this years unpredictable weather, and insane mosquitoes, I decided that was probably not the best idea. There was still no way I was letting this idea just fade away. Ashley and I have been chatting for probably a year now and trying to come up with a concept to shoot together. Well, I think this was perfect for her. Now, you wouldn’t guess that Ashley is not a girlie girl. She sure plays the part well. You are simply so sweet Ashley. I am so glad we finally got together. Even if it means that you got completely lost and I had to be your personal On Star 🙂 

Thank you so much for spending this day with me and making my vision absolutely perfect!

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