Modde Twins {23 Weeks}

Well ladies, this week was easy breezy for us. Not much work, not much going on just a regular week. Woo hoo. It feels like it’s been so eventful and busy since we found out about you, it’s been nice to have a bit of downtime.

Unfortunately I have still been in quite a bit of pain. Tons of pressure “down there”, lots of swelling, and just the regular fun pregnant stuff.

The good news is you have been kicking like cray cray in there. Your Dad can finally feel you with ease and man I wish you could see his smile when he does. His eyes always well up with tears as he remembers there’s two of you in there. You are truly miracles to us, I hope you know that. And even though your brother says he has felt you, he is just teasing because this week he finally did and his whole face lit up. He was so excited. He ran right to Dad and told him how it felt. He was so proud and happy. You see your brother has been having a rough go these days. Four is a hard age I tell ya, please go easy on me when you get there. But I do think he has a lot going on and we have a lot of change coming up. He gives you so much love through my belly and tells me all the time how excited he is to meet you. I am so excited to see you all together. See if you look like him. See if the traits are similar or total opposites. All of it. He is excited, as we all are.

Oh I guess we did have A Dr. appointment this week to test for Gestational Diabetes. Unfortunately I didn’t quite pass or quite fail so we have to go back and do a 3 hour appointment next week. Cross and your fingers and toes that we are good to go.

Oh ya and your room is finally started. YAY! I have so many hopes and dreams for this room. Your Mama loves home decor! I just hope I can put it all together nicely for you. I always wanted to plan a little girls room, just never imaged there would be two of you in there at the same time. Now THAT is a challenge. Small rooms x2 babies= not easy. But we’ll do it. Your Dad has been working so hard making my dreams come true. I am so lucky to have him, and so are you.

Until next time my loves




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